Customer service is the heart of any business. Customer Service Excellence (CSE) is a critical factor that fosters customer retention, develops customer loyalty and builds brand preference.

Customers can be external (people that we sell to) or internal (people that we work with). Excellent internal customer relationship will normally lead to staff deliver excellent customer service to their external customers.

Hence, staff need to adopt a customer-oriented mindset i.e. CSE mindset that will motivate them to provide Customer Service Excellence (CSE) to their customers, be it internally or externally.

The key is for staff to find the real meaning in what they do and adopt the customer-oriented mindset i.e. To Think like their Customer & Act like the Owner” which is basically the Ownership Mindset. We call it CSE Mindset that supports Quality & Compassionate Customer Service as adopted by ANIMED VETERINARY CENTER.

Staff will be more customer-oriented, result-conscious, cost-oriented and committed to executing their jobs with high ownership which will help boost ANIMED VETERINARY CENTER image and eventually its profit and growth.

Animed Veterinary Center
March 2022
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