Who we are

Finalspot was incorporated as a private limited company under the Companies Act 2016 on 10 July 2000.

We are a human capital as well as a business and management consultancy organization committed to delivering practical and innovative solutions to our clients. We offer both consultancy services at a strategic level, which can be implemented across all levels of organizations.

In areas of Human Capital, Finalspot focuses on helping organisations in developing talents and capabilities through training and education. With borderless globalization emerging in recent years, the landscape of doing business today requires constant innovative ideas in order to compete successfully and sustainability.

In Finalspot, we recognize the importance of change and adapting to it. This ability has been our unique success factor because we are able to provide customized solutions which are practical and easy to implement at all levels within an organisation in a given environment. Our training programs are designed to meet an organisation’s training needs and not the want.

Our mission

  • To contribute to the nation building
  • To assist our clients in maximizing their potentials and achieving their objectives
  • To share our knowledge, experience, expertise and innovative ideas

Our vision

We envisage becoming one of the leading Human Resource and Business Solution Provider in Malaysia and abroad.

More than 20 years of experience

maximising human and organisational potential.


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For business and management, we are competent in delivering excellent services in the following areas:


Performance And Profit Centric

Conduct Feasibility

New Business

Design Business

New Business

Write Business

New Business

Work Applied Learning For Change And Innovation

Our milestone

Maximising Human and Organisational Potential