The Royal Malaysian Navy Submarine Human Capital Project


We were fortunate to be the first organisation in Malaysia to be earmarked to look into the human capital needs for our fleet of newly acquired Scorpene Submarine of The Royal Malaysian Navy. It was a challenging and a tall order since this will be the first batch of Scorpene submariners for Malaysia and will be tasked to operate our much anticipated high value assets.

The acquisition of these new assets will put Malaysia into another league as far as defence is concern. However, we are grateful being entrusted and to be part of the RMN History. Initially, the scope of work was only for “Refresher Course”. However since RMN needs a crew of least 60 to 70 men strong to start with, we need at least twice the number to begin with to cater for the high attrition rate.

RMN had never embarked in massive recruitment for submariners before though there had been occasions that a few were selected to be trained with Royal Australian Navy. Thus this task was also assigned to Finalspot.

Eventually, Finalspot was tasked to do the selection for RMN, design a module with NAVCO of France to bridge the knowledge gap and to conduct the programme in Lumut. It was a successful assignment with some written testimonials from RMN top brass.

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