Designated Porter (DP)

course description

This course is designed to provide porters with the knowledge required for the role of designated porter, providing the service of storage, transportation of medical gas cylinders and the replacement of cylinders on manifolds within the healthcare environment. This course is also particularly relevant to some estates engineering/maintenance staff with responsibility for medical gases.


The course will provide information on potential hazards, risk reduction, emergency procedures, roles and responsibilities for the safe use and handling of medical gases within the healthcare environment.

entry requirements

  • Technical certificate, Diploma
  • Experiences in handling of medical gas system


1 day

target participant

Porter, hospital assistant, concession company’s staff who involves in handling of medical gases cylinders.

course content

  • List the properties and hazards of a range of medical gases
  • Identify a range of medical gas cylinders by color code, size and other labelling, and select cylinders in accordance with the needs of clinical/medical/engineering requirements
  • Identify and describe the major components of pressurized gas systems and, in particular, a hospital MGPS
  • Handle and transport pressurized gas cylinders safely
  • Identify a range of patient-connected equipment requiring cylinder supplies of gases
  • Connect and disconnect safely pressurized gas cylinders from plant, manifolds and user equipment
  • Understand and respond to pressurized system alarms, hazards and emergencies, and observe local reporting procedures
  • Replenish and operate (where directed) emergency reserve supply systems in accordance with local estates directives


Certificate of Accomplishment will be provided by Medical Gas Associates Malaysia (MGAM) upon completion of the course.


RM2,000 per session
(Maximum: 10 pax)


Linde Malaysia HC Training Academy
Lot 2, Persiaran Sabak Bernam, Section 26, Hicom Sector B, 40720 Shah Alam, Selangor.


Hospital Site / TBA


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